Question: Do all lawyers charge a 25% contingency fee in workers compensation cases? 

: Who is responsible for expenses related to the litigation?

Answer: Ultimately, you are. However, most of the expenses in a workers compensation are fairly small and they are fronted by the law office and taken out of the final settlement. You will never be asked to write a check for expenses. If we are unsuccessful, we will not charge your for expenses.


Question: What type of expenses are involved in a workers compensation claim that I would be responsible for?

Answer: For example, when you file a petition with the Iowa Industrial Commissioner’s Office there is a $100 filing fee. Again, the law firm fronts this but you are ultimately responsible. Sometimes in order to obtain medical information including letters from doctors, the doctors office will require a payment usually between $100 and $200. It is rare that workers compensation expenses exceed $500 in total.


Question: What kind of benefits can I expect to receive if I’m hurt on the job?


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