Common Questions

Question: I have been denied Social Security Disability after I applied.  Would it do any good for me to appeal?  Can I still get Social Security Disability if I have already received a written denial?

Answer: Most of the people who receive Social Security Disability benefits are denied in both the initial and reconsideration stages. They get their benefits by appealing at both levels and having representation at the hearing which you are entitled to under the law.


Question:  At what stage of the process can your firm help me with my Social Security Disability?

Answer:  We can help you if you are thinking about filing from Social Security Disability; if you have been denied benefits at the initial or reconsideration level.  There is never a charge for calling our office to ask a question.  We can guide you through the application process or assist you in any stage of the process.


Question: Do you need to hire an attorney to represent you in a Social Security case?

Answer: No. The law allows you the opportunity to represent yourself personally and without the assistance of legal counsel.


Question: Why should I hire an attorney then?

Answer: Law firms like the Al Sturgeon Law Firm that have practiced Social Security Disability law for many years are familiar with the many Federal rules and requirements regarding Social Security Disability. We know the critical questions to ask you at hearing that directly relate to your ability to work full time or to engage in substantial gainful employment (SGA). We review the medical file in detail along with the rest of the file. Where appropriate, we follow up with certain medical providers to see if they can help with your case.


Question: Do I have to come up with money to pay an attorney?

Answer: No. You never have to write the Al Sturgeon Law Office a check for your representation. The firm takes a 25% contingency fee from past due benefits you are owed dating from your disability began or when you were no longer able to work. This comes directly from Social Security Disability and is limited to a maximum of $6,000.


Question: What if I am unsuccessful? Do I still have to pay attorney fees?

Answer: No. If you are not successful you owe nothing.