In 1991 Sioux City native Al Sturgeon founded the Al Sturgeon Law Firm—he has been representing injured workers for more than thirty years.

The Al Sturgeon Law Firm only represents injured workers, never the insurance company.

The Al Sturgeon Law Firm will never charge you just for talking to them. Never have, never will! The Al Sturgeon Law Firm has a 25% contingency fee if we take your case – almost all other attorneys charge over 33%. In over three decades of practice that has never changed!

Paralegal Gina Heimgartner has been with the Al Sturgeon Law Firm since 2009 and has been involved in the legal field since 1992. When you call our office the voice you hear will be Gina’s.

The office is conveniently located at 911 6th Street, Sioux City – one block East of Mercy Medical Center. The firm is located in a two story building with ample free parking on site.

Al Sturgeon

Why Hire Al Sturgeon Law Firm?

When you get hurt on the job you have a choice.

  1. You can hire a “1-800” law firm with a famous spokesman where you’ll have no idea who your attorney will be or what city they live in, and it’s guaranteed that a 1-800 lawyer will take more of your settlement—most likely more than 1/3 of your settlement.
  2. You can hire Al Sturgeon Law Firm where you can call or meet with Al any time you like (well, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. mostly), you know your lawyer is not only knowledgeable about the law but also familiar with the workforce in Siouxland. And you’ll only pay 25%, much less than 1-800 law firms.